From Footprint to Handprint: Merging Economic Ideals with Ecological Needs

The pressure is mounting for companies to adapt to climate change and reduce negative impacts on the planet. Finding a new direction is hard, and many people are afraid or confused about where to get started.

From Footprint to Handprint: Merging Economic Ideals with Ecological Needsis a program designed to give business leaders the blueprint for success. David Ranalli, a magician and forest designer, is bringing a new vision to those who are hungry for change. Ranalli provides new skills and strategies that can be used by anyone to build wealth and businesses in a sustainable way. Join the movement where diverse industries come together to create real wealth with ecological care as the foundation.

Your audience will leave awe-struck with possibilities and have the confidence to be a leader in the fight to save Earth.

After this program, Your Attendees Will be Able to:

  • Recognize Profitable Making Opportunities with Natural Systems that Regenerate the planet
  • Know how to measure their business footprint AND regenerating handprint
  • Learn the 8 Forms of Wealth that Everyone Can and Should Cultivate
  • Learn how Permaculture Systems Help Humans Design for Success
  • Join a community of like-minded Environmental Businesses


  • Keynote
  • Breakout
  • Customized Workshop