The Mission:
The Magical Rainforests of Olympic National Park

David’s Core Mission & Goals:

  • To teach and expand the use of Permaculture systems for a more ethical and productive society.
  • To merge ancient knowledge with modern lifestyle, through the use of dynamic storytelling at live events and in digital media.
  • To provide new opportunities for people affected by Economic Disruption, COVID-19, Climate Change, & War.
  • To use regenerative economic systems to speed up the adoption of a circular economy.
  • To help people use technology in a way that compliments the needs of humanity and Earth itself
  • To create a community surrounding food, nature, and ethical systems of living.

Ethics and Values:

The world is currently filled in a large amount of suffering, confusion, and conflict.  To make matters worse, COVID-19 has caused the world to stumble, and extreme weather and war are increasing pressure on human civilizations. But the worst part of all is that much of the natural world has been destroyed, reducing our options for new places to access simple resources.

However, our situation is not hopeless. David Ranalli believes that human beings are at the dawn of a new era. An era where huge wealth is created by people choosing to respect and build upon the natural systems that give us life. Ranalli sees a huge wave of energy in human society forming, where people choose to act in a way that restores the planet for ourselves and future generations.

Join David Ranalli in the movement to rewild the planet and the human heart.