– About David Ranalli –

David Ranalli is a renowned entertainer and speaker based in the American Midwest. David is now touring the world spreading his message of hope and opportunity in the fight to save the world from climate change and ecological collapse.

Using his strong stage presence and his vast knowledge of plants, David has found a way to deliver big, scary ideas into entertaining and empowering presentations. People leave his keynotes and workshops feeling refreshed and optimistic, and ready to embark on their own journeys of environmental leadership. 

David’s dedication to environmentalism took off when he became a father. He started to become fearful of what his son’s life might look like in a world of climate change, and decided to transform his average house into a sustainable paradise. 

David and his family spent several years building a “Food Forest” garden, which is an edible garden that mimics the biology of a forest. This type of solution is just one of many that David realized could be implemented around the world, and on many different scales. Excited by the possibilities, David continues to spread the word about “Permaculture” practices, and how people can learn to save the planet while also saving themselves.

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